“I can’t hide the feeling knowing that my closest friend leaves me. I just can’t hide my sadness knowing I can’t share my feelings with him again. Honestly, I miss Hangeng so much. I wish you’ll always be happy and remember me as your best friend.”

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2011-09-10 @ 18:47:05
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Postat av: gil

Den här är riktigt söt! Älskade den, jag tänkte gilla den i din tumblr, men orkade aldrig logga in;

There was a time when Super Junior went to Japan for a concert. Heechul shared a room with Sungmin, but on the first night, Heechul heard Sungmin snore. So he told Sungmin, “Yah, you were snoring.” Sungmin answered “Ah, hyung, really?”

The following night, Heenim didn’t hear snores anymore. So the next day, he said “Sungmin, I didn’t hear you snore anymore.”

..It was because Sungmin didn’t sleep at all — for Heechul’s sake.

2011-09-10 @ 18:52:47
URL: http://hizumaki.blogg.se/

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